📖Minting / Mining Policy

1st NFT Minting

Mint Date : June 07, 2022 Quantity : 2,000 Per Character Token : Klay

2nd NFT Minting

Comming soon...

Mining Policy

Mining Period : June 01, 2022 ~ May 31, 2032

Tokens used when players are minting characters will be added to the Mining Pool at a 100% annual interest rate.

For example, if a player spends 100 STC for minting, Maximum 1000 STC (100 STC / 365 Days * remaining mining days) will be added to the reward pool.

The reward pool is distributed daily based on the MP of characters. Daily Tokens Mined = My MP / Total MP * Daily Pool

In addition, the maximum number of NFTs minted per character is 5000 in total.

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